Top health food that most people eat

January 31, 2018

Most people work hard to ensure that their health is at the best level at most times. Mothers have a great role to make sure that the children are healthy. Various factors contribute to the good health conditions. Eating healthy food is a major factor that leads to good health to most people. Various foodstuffs have different roles to play in the human body. Various processes take place in the body that the foods have significant influence. For example, most human bodies have the white blood cells that have to remain strong to keep fight the diseases that may affect their body. Various health foods improve the white blood cells in human body. Additionally, the body has to have the blood flowing at most times. It is advisable to eat the food that produces the white blood on your body. Lack of blood can result in the death of most people. Having mentioned that there are various health foods that people eat. Below are the few healthy foods and their details.

The apples

The apple contains the vitamin c and great in fiber. These two aspects contribute to health conditions in human bodies. For example, biting the apple can make your teeth healthier and stronger. Biting make the mouth release some saliva hence decreasing tooth decay by minimizing the level of infection in your mouth. Again, the fiber in the apples ensures that the people who eat the apples cannot be easily affected by the diabetes conditions. Additionally, the apples help most people manage their weight. Most of the unhealthy conditions such as the heart diseases are brought about by the increase of weight.

The Avocados

These are the fruits which are different from others. They have the fats which are very important in the human body. The fats make the heart firm in the best position. These ensure that the heart cannot move in the body causing any heart issues.

The bananas

The banana is another fruit that is rich in potassium and some proteins.  The bananas are mentioned in the group of the health food in the world because of the content found in the bananas. The potassium that prevents the hearts conditions and the vitamins that make the body cells strong to pump blood to most body parts.  The potassium can help also ensures that the fluids are moving easily in the body to perform their roles effectively.

The kales

The kales are famous in the world for their health conditions to the body. The kales have the vitamin C and vitamin K and some vital nutrients. These vitamins are used to repair the damaged tissues and make the blood vessels. The repair is needed when the body had been affected by certain diseases.

The carrots

The carrots are popular root vegetable in the world today. They contain nutrient and vitamin k. Most people know the health advantages of eating carrots. For example, carrots improve the eyesight in most people, control diabetes, lower blood pressure, and prevent heart diseases. Carrots can be eaten when raw and when cooked. Most people who eat carrots have smooth and desirable skins.

The onions and garlic

The onions are also popular in most countries. They have a great flavor and aroma. The vegetables have the compounds that are important to human health. The vegetable reduces the chances which the body may be affected by cholera.

The tomatoes

Tomatoes are also popular health food in the world. They have the potassium and the vitamin C.

The fish and sea foodstuffs

The fish contains the omega three fatty and iodine which most people do not have in their bodies. They help to make the heart strong and prevent the most heart conditions. They also make the body of various individuals strong to fight the diseases that may affect the bodies.

Brown rice

Rice is a popular food to most people. They have a lot of nutrients that are vital to the human body. The rice adds the magnesium that improves the most vital reaction of the body especially the movement of the muscles.

The oats

This food has important nutrient in the body. They contain the fibers that make most of the body parts firm.

The bread

It is easy for most people to afford bread. The bread contains the grains with beans content that smoothen the vital body processes.

The kidney beans

These are also popular healthy food to most people. That contain the most minerals an also fiber. The nutritionist advice people to cook them well since they are poisonous when unwell cooked.

Whole milk

The whole milk is important to most people health. It has the fat and minerals that help the body to fight the diseases that may affect the body.


The yogurt is made with the whole milk.  The yogurt and the whole milk have the same function in human body. They lower the late ion which the body can access the obesity and diabetes.


These are one of the popular health food in the world. They are rich in mineral, nutrient, and vitamin C.

Sweet potatoes

Contain starch and most healthy nutrient.


The chocolate adds magnesium in the body. The magnesium is important in the human brain. Eating food with a lot of magnesium can assure you that you have the best brain that is vital to school attending persons and in live.


The nuts are popular to most people in the world. They help regulate the weight in most bodies. Again, they can make most people live longer.


Eggs have a lot of protein which makes the body muscle strength and allows them to move comfortably. They give the body the proteins that make the body the ability to build and maintain the body tissues.


The coconuts are rich in fats. Fats are essential in building the strong muscles and making other body parts stable and strong in the body.

The list is endless. It is important to eat the foodstuffs that can build your body and make it strong.

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